Trajectories, proximities, intensities. This symposium addressed the rhythms of the urban, from the

acoustic patterns of footsteps and machinery, to the ebb and flow of passers-by, and the activities of eavesdropping and people watching. As a spectacle itself, the city is at its most spectacular during festivals and carnivals, events that exhibit the urban and turn it into a site of visual display. Looking ahead, this symposium asks “what next?” Is urbanism sustainable, what is at stake, and what role do the arts have to play?

art on the high line NYC

The 2018 Symposium Speakers:

Dr. Jaspar Joseph-Lester, artist and Reader in Fine Art (Art, Urbanism and the Moving Image) Royal College of Art   (keynote) website

Karen Janody-Khan curator and commissioner, Creative City

Dr. Stephen Pritchard, art historian and art activist, researcher Northumbria University website

Gillian McIver filmmaker and researcher in Film, University of Roehampton, author of Art History for FiImmakers (Bloomsbury) website

Solène Heinzl, researcher in Ethnomusicology, Royal Holloway University of London website

Dr. Rachel Hann, author of Beyond Scenography (Routledge) co-founder of the research network Critical Costume, Lecturer in Scenography, University of Surrey website

Jamie Harper, researcher on Applications of Play in participatory art at Newcastle University

Jill Newman, artist and photographer website

Will Osmond Researcher in Theatre and Performance, Larp Studies and Performance Philosophy, University of Surrey

Eleanor Slade Researcher in Scenography, University of Surrey website

Chair: Rosie Ram, Researcher in Curating Fine Art, RCA website

The symposium was funded by the AHRC under the TECHNE parnership